Wedding Videography Tip #2 | First Look

Our goal is always to create the most amazing video possible for your wedding day, and while we always work with that in mind, there are little things YOU can do to help make sure things flow perfectly.

Videography Tip #2 | First Look

As one of the debated topics among wedding industry professionals as well as brides to be, it’s something that can add a whole new element to the wedding day. Most girls grow up dreaming of a large, white wedding with your groom seeing you for the first time as you walk down the aisle. As we get older, traditions have changed and more couples than ever are opting for a “First Look” or a “First Reveal” before the actual ceremony.

So what’s the benefit? Think of this way. During the ceremony, there are SO many things going on. You’re being escorted by your father down a long aisle, trying to remember smile as you are surrounded by 100+ of your closest friends and family, trying to focus on your handsome groom standing at the end.. chances are he has seen you well before you see him. You could miss his reaction – or, he may be so taken by beauty that he wants to cry, but is embarrassed to in front of 100+ people. Instead, imagine this: You walking up, tapping your groom on the shoulder, taking in every moment of his reaction while you two relish in the moment that this IS your wedding day. It’s here. And it’s really happening. Why not take a few minutes together alone, exchange gifts, or just take a breather in what will be the most whirlwind day of your life. It’s a way to ensure you not only get to see his complete reaction to you in your stunning dress (because you tried on hundreds to find the perfect one!) but also to give yourselves a few minutes of togetherness.

As for the video, the first look adds so much to your film – the tears, the joy, the smiles, most importantly the LOVE between you will shine through adding emotion and passion to your film, taking you right back to that moment every time you watch it.

But not to worry – You will still glow with happiness as you walk down the aisle, but now you just get to take in the moment. And trust me, it will still take his breath away. 🙂

Written By Cali Hlavac

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. I’m Cali (said like Kay-Lee) and I’m in LOVE with weddings.More importantly, I’m in love with capturing all the happiness and love that are present on the wedding day. We all know the only things left after a wedding day is over are the photos + videos, plus a worn out wedding dress I love giving couples a fantastic memory of their wedding day, one that truly captures the voices, the tears, the joy, the family and the love, all while telling the story of you as a couple.

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. You can follow Cali on Twitter or .