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So on your beautiful wedding day what kind of cake will you have? Some brides and grooms decide on a brilliant white cake that will take everyone’s breathe away, while others  will have their own separate, unique cakes. Whatever the case may be for your cakes make sure you allow yourselves plenty of time to work with Sweet Art Wedding Cakes. We spoke with Misty the awesome owner of Sweet Art Wedding Cakes and she provided us some answers to some frequently asked questions!

Where are you located?
I have a custom order shop and conduct consultations by appointment only, located in central Lincoln.  Cakes are made fresh for each order.  There is no public store front, so no product is sitting around in a case waiting to be bought.
What services do you provide?
My specialty is custom wedding and groom’s cakes done in today‘s modern designs with fondant or ultra smooth buttercream.  Designs range from simple, clean cut lines to intricate 3D carvings.  Other items are offered such as cheesecake, decorated sugar cookies, butter/cream cheese mints, and other dessert items.
When did you start your business?
My business opened in 2005 after years of training and taking specialty courses with some of the best know masters in the cake decorating world.  Courses range from gumpaste flowers to sculpting for groom’s cakes or other parties.
What do you feel separates you from competitors?
I provide high-end specialty cakes and don’t shy away from a customer’s request for the latest style of cake.  Also, I have quiet an extensive list of flavors for cakes, fillings, and icings to make almost limitless combination possibilities.  The years I spent collecting and perfecting recipes is evident in every delectable bite.
On average, how many events do you do per year?
I usually do about 70 per year.  Since I do every cake myself, I limit the number of cakes I will take each weekend.  Quality is much more important than quantity to me.  This also assures my customers of the quality of the cake they will receive knowing their order won’t be passed off to whichever decorator happens to be working that day.
Since space for orders for wedding/specialty cakes are limited, reservations need to be placed sooner than many people may realize.  I recommend you reserve your wedding cake 6-8 months in advance.  That means start interviewing for you cake 8-10 months ahead, at least.  Too many couples follow some magazine guidelines of booking your cake 3 months ahead.  That advice works for supermarket cakes, but by then most specialty decorators are already full for the popular summer and fall dates.  It breaks my heart to turn away a couple because a date is already full when they thought they were following the correct guidelines.  The early bird truly gets the worm.
How can potential clients go about contacting you?
The best way to reach me is through the website, .  After viewing pictures of the many cakes, seeing our flavors, and other helpful info, my e-mail address is on the bottom of every page.
Written By Cali Hlavac

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. I’m Cali (said like Kay-Lee) and I’m in LOVE with weddings.More importantly, I’m in love with capturing all the happiness and love that are present on the wedding day. We all know the only things left after a wedding day is over are the photos + videos, plus a worn out wedding dress I love giving couples a fantastic memory of their wedding day, one that truly captures the voices, the tears, the joy, the family and the love, all while telling the story of you as a couple.

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