New Spin on Old Traditions

So many brides today are trying their best to make their special day extremely unique which we can’t blame them. However, there are some brides that refuse to budge on the traditional favorites. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for example, maybe these brides are so superstitious that they don’t want to jinx themselves with not including this old tradition or maybe they just simply love it.

A New Spin on Some Old Ideas

Something Old: Get rid of that “old” handkerchief that you have (you don’t know where that thing has been!) And find something creative, like the veil that your grandmother wore at her wedding. It would be awesome if you could manage to find an antique or heirloom pair of earrings that accent your dress beautifully.

Something New: This being the item that seems to be the easiest to locate, it could be something as simple as your NEW elegant wedding dress. Another great idea could be adding a brilliant new tiara; after all you are the princess! J

Something Borrowed: This category seems to go hand in hand with the something old. It is trending these days to wear the wedding dress that your mother or grandmother wore on their special day but if that isn’t a possibility here are a few ideas. Getting family and friends involved is just that easy; they will be more than willing to help out. A great idea would be to borrow that awesome little purse that your friend had at her wedding. Every good bride will have a handy dandy little emergency purse with her on that special day!

Something Blue: Rather than that blue garter that you found, try having your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your wedding heels with blue permanent marker. Or even stitching your wedding date into your dress with blue thread! Just recently we came across a photo from Elwood Photography of a bride that bedazzled her shoes with blue gems spelling out “I DO”, how fun is that?!

Written By Cali Hlavac

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. I’m Cali (said like Kay-Lee) and I’m in LOVE with weddings.More importantly, I’m in love with capturing all the happiness and love that are present on the wedding day. We all know the only things left after a wedding day is over are the photos + videos, plus a worn out wedding dress I love giving couples a fantastic memory of their wedding day, one that truly captures the voices, the tears, the joy, the family and the love, all while telling the story of you as a couple.

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. You can follow Cali on Twitter or .