Mother Son Dance – DJ Keo “All To You”

Struggling for a Mother/Son song?  You’re not alone.  We’ve found one.. and it comes with a bonus.  Be one of the first to use it!  It has yet to go mainstream, and the quality of the video isn’t spectacular, but you’ll at least be able to hear it!

Can I have this dance with you one more time

Before I start down the road of my brand new life

There’s no way to thank you, for all that you have done

No matter how old I get I will always be your son.

Riding trikes and my dirt bikes, and crashing in the sand.

I probably scared you half to death, “Hey mom look no hands”.

You were my best friend, you were my number one fan.

Every time that I got hurt, you were there to hold my hand.

(Chorus One): I may not call you as much as I should.

I may not say I love you as much as I could.

But you’ve got to know this one thing is true.

The person I’ve become and all I am I owe it all to you. I owe it all to you.

All to you.

Written By Cali Hlavac

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. I’m Cali (said like Kay-Lee) and I’m in LOVE with weddings.More importantly, I’m in love with capturing all the happiness and love that are present on the wedding day. We all know the only things left after a wedding day is over are the photos + videos, plus a worn out wedding dress I love giving couples a fantastic memory of their wedding day, one that truly captures the voices, the tears, the joy, the family and the love, all while telling the story of you as a couple.

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. You can follow Cali on Twitter or .