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Awww.. another testimonial that makes our hearts melt! We loved sharing the day with Tyler + Cortney – they were sent our way by a mutual friend and we hit it off immediately. The love they share is truly remarkable and emotions were flying high all day. Here’s her sneak peek video.. and what she had to say about why hiring video for your wedding day is the most important decision you’ll make!


“The morning after my wedding I woke up knowing all of my dreams had just come true…even though I knew it was the best day of my life, I still felt like something was missing. It hit me later that day, that I wish I could relive my wedding day as a guest and see how perfect everything was from the outside looking in. Choosing to have Cali capture my whole wedding day was the best decision of my wedding planning process I made. Because of her, I get to relive the best day of my life over and over. Its not just a video either, its the most creative, touching, in depth view point of not only an incredible day but also an unbelievable memory. When I received the “sneak peek”, to say I was blown away is an understatement, then when I received the full footage and I was just in tears with so much happiness. Her work is absolutely incredible and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Her attention to detail and sense of knowing whats important to you is spot on. My dad is a man of very few words but had the most moving speech, she recorded his words and played it during parts of the live footage that was just moving. Months after my wedding I lost my Granny, Cali’s amazing intuition caught the most beautiful footage of her that I now have for the rest of my life.
Every bride has things they wish they would have done or something they would have maybe done differently, but choosing to have a sound impression as a part of my day is a decision I would make 100 times again and will recommend to everyone.

We also went with A Sound Impression for a DJ and he was amazing! I was so happy with his professionalism and attentiveness to my husband and I on our day. He did everything that was asked of him and stuck to my schedule. To say we were a picky couple is an understatement and we were so happy with everything about him.”

Tyler + Cortney Denker, 8.25.12


Photos by the super talented Andrea Bibeault: A Wedding Photojournalist

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Written By Cali Hlavac

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. I’m Cali (said like Kay-Lee) and I’m in LOVE with weddings.More importantly, I’m in love with capturing all the happiness and love that are present on the wedding day. We all know the only things left after a wedding day is over are the photos + videos, plus a worn out wedding dress I love giving couples a fantastic memory of their wedding day, one that truly captures the voices, the tears, the joy, the family and the love, all while telling the story of you as a couple.

Cali Hlavac is the owner and videographer of A Sound Impression. You can follow Cali on Twitter or .