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Behind The Scenes: Fashion Photo Shoot, Destin, FL

After taking a trip to Destin, FL to shoot the beautiful beach wedding of Jason and Lindsay, we got the opportunity to work side by side with Brittnay Therese Photography – amazing as always! She set up a few male fashion shoots in various locations, working with lighting and posing. It was a little out of our element, but we had such an amazing time! Here are some teaser photos first.. Behind the Scenes video to follow, so check back!

Trash The Dress Photo Shoot

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog about this – I have wanted to do a Trash the Dress shoot since the very first time I was introduced to the trend five years ago. If you aren’t familiar, let me explain: Trash the Dress is when brides are photographed post wedding in their white dress in unusual locations. It doesn’t always mean the dress has to be destroyed (although that certainly happens in some cases), it’s more or less another opportunity to wear a dress and get as creative as possible with it. I had researched, planned, scouted, ALL things necessary to decide where/how I wanted to trash it, all while wondering “Do I really have to wait until I get married to do it?”. I decided absolutely NOT! I went out, purchased a wedding dress off the rack, teamed up with Brittnay Therese Photography and FINALLY pulled it off. It was SUCH a thrill, and I was more than ecstatic when I saw the images. Words can’t describe how in love with it I am (yes, there are a few very large canvas prints of these in my office:) so I will just let the photos do the work! I would LOVE to find more brides interested in this sort of thing, so if that’s you, we should definitely chat!